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We offer a personal inspection service to assist you in making the right choice when it comes to buying a vehicle. Our job is to attend car viewings with you to complete a detailed check list and bonnet to boot inspection of the car you are interested in buying. The inspection includes the following:


V5 Document, Service History, Chassis Number, Mileage, Road Tax, MOT History,Cambelt Replacement. Vehicle Data Check (includes, Stolen, Write Off, Mileage, Fraud, Finance, Number Plate Changes & previous keepers.)


Body Exterior

Front Screen, Tonneau Cover, Headlights, Rear Screen, Sidelights / running lights, Wiper Blades, Panel Condition / alignment, Rear lights & No. plate lights, Side Windows, Paintwork, Stop lights, Sunroof, Corrosion, Indicator / Hazard lights, Mirrors, Bumpers Front & Rear, Reverse / Fog lights, Locks, No plates Front & Rear, Auxiliary lights, Fuel filler cover & cap, Exterior trim / mouldings, Soft Top Condition, Mud flaps.


Internal Condition & Functions

Central Locking/Key Fob, Radio/Cass/CD/Aerial, Seatbelts, Starting system/Ignition lock, Sat Nav, Carpets, Warning Lights, Heater/Fan controls, Door trim panels, Dash panel, Air Con Output, Door Hinges/Check Straps, Steering Wheel, Cigarette lighter, Door seals, Steering wheel alignment, Sun Roof Operation, Interior sills Trims, Horn, Window Operation, Headlining/Visors, Wipers/Washers, Soft top, Operation, Door fittings/Operation, Headlamp wash/Wipe, Wing Mirror Operation, Rear parcel shelf, Interior/Panel lights, Rear View Mirror, Controls/Switches,Seat upholstery, Instruments, Seat adjustment.


Engine Compartment

Coolant Level/Condition, Power Steering - Oil Level, Turbo, Coolant leaks, Clutch Fluid, Fuel Pump/Pipes, Antifreeze, Brake Fluid, Battery Condition/Wiring, Radiator/Cap, Engine Oil level, Bonnet Hinges, Visible Hoses/Pipes, External leaks, Bonnet Catch, Visible Drive Belts, Engine mountings, Air Coniditioning Radiator, Water Pump, Fuel Injection, Air Conditioning Pump.


Clutch & Transmission

Fluid/Oil leaks, Casings, Backlash, Cables/Adjustments, Mountings, Gaiters, Hydraulic system, Drive shaft assembly, Propshaft(s), Linkage (wear), Universal/Sliding joints, Bearings / supports.


Exhaust System & Fuel System

Manifold, Silencer(s) catalyst, Joints/Couplings, Pipes, Heat shields/Mountings, System condition, Fuel Tank, Fuel lines, Evidence of fuel leaks, Tank fixings, Breather pipes.


Front Steering & Suspension

Steering/Ball joints, Dampers (condition/leaks, Chassis Members, Steering rack/Box, Gaiters, Corrosion Suspension/Pipes, Wheel hubs/Bearings, Suspension arms/Mountings, Corrosion Floor/Chassis: Springs/Suspension units, Tie bars/Anti roll bars, Pipes/Hoses, Sub-frame/Mountings.


Rear Suspension

Springs/Suspension bars, Bump stops/Gaiters, Corrosion Suspension/Pipes, Anti roll bar, Wheel hubs/Bearings, Corrosion Floor/Chassis, Dampers/bushes, Pipes/Hoses, Suspension arms/Fixings, Sub-frame/Mountings, Location rods/Fixings, Chassis Members.


Wheels & Brakes

Master Cylinder Security, Discs/Pads, Handbrake op/Adjustment, Flexible hoses, Fluid Leaks, Handbrake linkage, Pipes/Connections, Servo/Power System, Pedal/Linkage, Wheel Rims, Wheel Trims, Tool kit , Tyre Make, Tyre Size, Tyre Condition, Tyre Tread Depth.


Road Test & Conclusion

Cold Starting, Footbrake operation, Road holding/Stability, Idle (cold, Handbrake operation, General steering/Handling, Noise Level (cold), Clutch operation, Excess Fumes & Smoke (cold), Gearbox Operation, Final Checks, Power Steering Operation, Auto changes/Kickdown, Oil leaks, Hot restarting, 4WD Operation, Coolant leaks, Excess smoke (hot), Engine performance, Cooling fan operation, Engine noise, Suspension noise, Overheating Evidence.

My car inspections industry standard inspection schedule comprehensively covers all aspects of the vehicle to enable you to make an informed decision, the inspecting engineer will always be happy to talk you through the written report and investigate any personal concerns


We are offering the above thorough inspections for just £99!!


This is cheaper than any other inspection service available without compromise in quality so book now!

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